Watch Mark Hunt KO Frank Mir, Then Perform The Best Walk Off Ever

Mark Hunt and Frank Mir are both heavyweight legends. Mir has been one of the best heavyweights in the UFC for almost 15 years, while Mark Hunt has made his name in the K-1 and Pride rings before capturing the hearts of fans by taking the souls of his opponents in the UFC. Coming into UFC Fight Night 85, fans knew that while both of these men were long in the tooth, there were fireworks almost guaranteed. Things were just too goofy in the days leading up to the show not to get violent.

And so the fireworks came, exploding upside the head of Frank Mir. It’s what many fans wanted, despite the very real chance Hunt could get submitted by the crafty BJJ black belt. But in the end, Hunt’s fist bounced off Mir’s skull and the crowd roared like one that was just delivered the exact gift it wanted for Xmas. What followed that roar was perhaps the most baller walk off in Mark Hunt history, which means it was the best walk off knockout in MMA history by default.

Watch the replay at least five times. Look at Mark Hunt’s face. He doesn’t care. HE DOESN’T CARE. He looks down at Frank Mir, shakes his head then slowly walks away.

Mark Hunt is the best.