UFC’s Latest ‘Dream Match’ Has Been Made Official

Contributing Writer

On Thursday, UFC officially announced that Sage Northcutt and Mickey Gall will meet in a welterweight bout on December 17 in Sacramento. Gall, who rocketed to semi-stardom with his merciless dismantling of CM Punk last month, got on the microphone specifically to call out Northcutt, one of the more polarizing figures in the UFC right now. Northcutt responded to Gall’s trash talk in his typically Pleasantville way (he doesn’t care for that sort of language, thank you very much) and found it “funny” that a 170-pounder was calling out a smaller guy. But who cares about all that, because the fight is on!

Gall shares the opinion of many UFC fans in that Northcutt is “corny.” Seems kind of rude to take shots at an MMA fighter who was assembled in a lab. He can’t help that he was Frankenstein’s monstered into being. Sheesh. Anyway, the 3-0 Gall certainly doesn’t suffer from shyness, and now he’s up against a fighter with wayyyyy more experience than him … even if he is the smaller fighter.

Gall would continue his meteoric ascent in UFC if he manages to shut down the 15-0 Northcutt, but he’s now in a position to put his money where his mouth is, and MMA fans will never let him hear the end of it if Northcutt outclasses him in Sacramento.

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