An Incredibly Serious Breakdown Of UFC PR Man Dave Sholler’s Ever-Improving Grappling Technique

08.23.16 2 years ago

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For those who might not know him, Dave Sholler is basically the closest thing the UFC has to a human Swiss Army knife. Aside from “overseeing public relations efforts for the organization’s 40+ live, global events,” the UFC’s vice president of public relations & athlete marketing can often be seen filling in for Dana White at post-fight press conferences, delivering media briefings and other special announcements, and working behind-the-scenes to improve the health benefits of the UFC’s more than 600 fighters.

To most of us, however, Sholler will forever be that Jon Anik-looking fellow who unsuccessfully attempted to stop Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier from brawling at the UFC 178 media day.

Despite being made the butt of the joke by both his boss and SportsCenter’s “Not Top 10”, Sholler seemed to take the incident in stride (how many of us would have been able to do anything differently?), even receiving something of a social media spotlight in its fallout. But if you happened to catch the absolute sh*tshow that was the UFC 202 press conference last Wednesday, you might have also spotted Dave as the guy who brought Conor McGregor’s Monster Energy-throwing spree to an emphatic end.

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