UFC Legend Don Frye Got Real And Of Course Went Full Don Frye In His Reddit AMA

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The MMA world knows to bow down and pledge fealty to the mustache of Don Frye, for it is the strongest mustache in all of sports history. It did, after all, carry Don Frye the man through 11 fights over a 10-month span in 1996. In that short, sweet, and brutal timespan, Frye and the emperor of his upper lip went 10-1, won two UFC tournaments, and sent Frye down a path to the UFC Hall of Fame.

But, he would never be seen in the Octagon again.

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, Frye would have a successful run in New Japan Pro Wrestling then returned to MMA in PRIDE, where he cemented his legacy as the baddest man to ever wear short shorts. Still, he was ostracized by the first MMA promotion he called home, thanks to a feud with UFC president Dana White.

After a decade and change, even White couldn’t deny Frye’s accomplishments and put aside any bad blood for one brilliant night last year when Frye was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Frye gives a hell of a speech.

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