Randy Couture Vs. Chuck Liddell 4 Went Down At A Gym Over The Weekend

Getty Image

Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture were the faces of the UFC in the second golden age of the company. They wore their shirts, emblazoned with flying skulls dropping glitter onto flowers, with a pride that may never be seen again in our culture. They also put on three fantastic fights for the UFC light heavyweight championship. They’re legends and beloved for good reason.

Both men have been retired for years now, going out on their shields in knockout losses, but that doesn’t mean they’re done training. The former rivals and opposing Ultimate Fighter coaches may have beat the hell out of each other for the better part of a half-hour over the span of a few years, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be buddies or training partners. Iron sharpens iron, old dudes sharpen old dudes, or so the saying goes.

Let’s go to the footage.

It’s clearly a friendly training session, but you can’t deny that both of these greats could still go at it if there were a legends division. Eddie Bravo needs to book a grappling match between these two right away. There’s a market here. We want to see old guys fight slowly. Someone make it happen!