UFC Fighter Carla Esparza Punched A Fan In The Face At His Request

If you want the UFC’s first-ever strawweight champion to sock you in the face, there’s a waiver you’ll have to fill out. Hopefully there’s no paperwork to fill out if you do not want to be punched in the face by a professional fighter.

Carla Esparza shared video of an un unusual fan request she granted where she punched a fella in the face. Holding back on her power by 80%, Esparza struck the waiting well-wisher with a shot to the chest and one to the chin. The fan politely took the punches and wasn’t exactly giggling or anything after. He seems to have won a fan in Esparza, though. Emoji were deployed!

“He signed the waiver … ” tweeted the Californian fighter. “He said hit him a “2 out of 10″& I obliged #havingfun #hesaiditwasok #snm #lol #helikedit #waiver #heskindacute”

There’s something special when the hashtags #helikedit, #waiver and #heskindacute all align together, isn’t there? So, does Carla Esparza have a briefcase that she keeps a bunch of Xeroxed waiver forms in or is it some sort of electronic thing? We choose to believe said waiver is real because it’s nice to believe in things and it makes taking a “2 out of 10” punch seem like more fun than it probably is.

(Via MMA Mania)