UFC Fighter And Army Ranger Tim Kennedy Pulled A Gun On A USADA Agent He Thought Was ISIS

UFC fighter and Special Forces soldier Tim Kennedy has a bit of a reputation as being hard to get along with. For the past two years he’s been fighting with the UFC instead of in the UFC, speaking out numerous times over fighter pay and treatment. But now a USADA tester has learned the hard way that it can be dangerous to show up on Kennedy’s doorstep unannounced.

Earlier this year, the FBI revealed that there were ‘credible threats’ made against Tim by ISIS which had the former sniper on high alert. So when Kennedy arrived at his home to find a strange car in the driveway, he didn’t hesitate to pull his gun on the intruder, who of course turned out to be a USADA representative from the UFC’s drug testing program. Kennedy shared the mix-up with a laugh while providing commentary for an ONNIT Fight Night event.

Fortunately, no one was shot. And in other good news, it sounds like Kennedy will be stepping into the Octagon again soon.

“I am in shape. I have been training, I knew I had a fight coming up, and now I’m telling you … I have a fight,” Kennedy said on his Facebook page. “After this fight, you can’t say that I shouldn’t be the champion. The details of that have to wait for the UFC to tell you when, where and who. But I’m telling you, I’m fighting.”

That probably means increased visits to the Kennedy home for USADA testers. They may want to bring bulletproof vests next time.

(via MMA Mania)

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