‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Inspires A Lightsaber Duel At The UFC On Fox Weigh-In

This week, this month, and maybe even this year belongs to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Everywhere you go, the force is hitting you and hitting you hard. Like a well-placed strike from a highly-decorated mixed martial artist.

Not even the UFC is immune to Star Wars fever. Cole Miller, the featherweight UFC vet who would likely make a fine Sith, pulled out a lightsaber and dueled his soon-to-be cage fighting nemesis Jim Alers after their weigh-in for UFC on FOX 17. With sloppy technique that would make Rey proud (but, not many other trained in the use of the legendary weapon), the two wowed the crowd and probably made lightsaber noises with their mouths, but we’ll never know for sure.

After a solid back and forth with the lightsabers, with the astute commentary team acknowledging that this was, “in honor of Star Wars, perhaps,” Alers took the upper hand and used his Force powers to bring Miller to his knees. But then he reached down deep to use his own Force choke maneuver after he realized he probably shouldn’t lose this battle before his fight tomorrow night. It wouldn’t be good for business.