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Fanhouse had the poop on the United Football League’s release of their “game enhancements,” or how their rules will differ from those of the NFL. I personally can’t wait for the UFL to start, but then again, I also can’t wait for this Edmonton Eskimos-Montreal Alouettes game tonight. The rest of you need to decide if you’re NFL fans or just football fans. From the UFL release:

The rule enhancements that have been approved for the UFL’s “Premiere” season include:

The deletion of the “Tuck” rule which makes a loose ball a fumble if the passer loses possession of the ball as he is putting it away after completion of the forward pass motion.[…]

The Quarterback can legally ground the football if inside or outside the pocket area while under duress.

Tasteful individual and/or group celebrations are permitted ONLY in end zone and bench area.

Other rule mods include the dissolution of the “tuck rule,” sudden-death OT only after both teams have had at least one possession, and booth review for instant replay. I’m also hoping to see some of these wrinkles added in time for the season: Allowing 14 players on offense, making all face mask grabbing and horse collar tackling legal, and players participating in the stadium’s halftime shows, a la BASEketball. But, you know, without the making out. Yeah, it was that part that ruined the movie for me.

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