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<!– begin rant –>I’m really sick of people bashing the UFL, and I can’t really explain why. Despite the failings of the XFL, the former World League, and the USFL, all of those organizations implemented innovative changes to the game of football that still exist today. And I still believe there will be no better overtime format than the one first rolled out by the WLAF, where one team has to score six points in the extra period to win. Aw, but it’s gonna suck, why can’t they play in the spring, where are my nachos, duhhhhrrr! Listen, dick. If you don’t want to watch it, DON’T WATCH IT. But don’t act like you’re friggin Nostradamus over there. Everyone knows what an upstart football league is up against, including the people behind the UFL. <!– end rant –>

The UFL had it’s first mass dispersion of players to its four franchises last night, and for the first time, we can finally put some names to these teams. Names on the list that I actually recognize: Redskins free agent bust Adam Archuleta, former Utah quarterback Brian Johnson, LaBrandon Toefield, and former Nebraska quarterback Brooks Ballinger. Wait, Brooks Ballinger is still alive? Didn’t he die in some gyro-copter accident?

Some people criticized the UFL’s process of a secret draft, saying the league passed up a chance to generate buzz. Aside from not caring about hearing the names of players I’ve never heard of, most upstart organizations, including the old ABA, held their player acquisition meetings in secret. Besides, the bulk of these rosters will be filled once NFL teams make cuts in training camp. Even the league’s first draft couldn’t compete with the NFL’s sloppy seconds. To me, that makes the league all the more compelling.

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