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I like to pretend that I know more about MMA than I actually do, but since I didn’t watch the premeire of the 10th cycle of “The Ultimate Fighter,” here’s some opinion from around the blogosphere from a few friends that did.

My first thought always watching new seasons of The Ultimate Fighter is how many guys show up out of shape….Usually one or two guys show up physically unprepared, yet it looks like half the cast this season didn”t look in shape to fight. –Eric Gargiulo, Camel Clutch Blog.

As we saw in the preview, Kimbo Slice walks in after everybody else, and after Dana White gave him an introduction. Kimbo seems to not want to draw attention to himself, while Roy Nelson seems disappointed that he is not the biggest name in the room. –Maggie Hendricks, Cage Writer.

The tenth season also boasts three former NFL players trying to make their way in mixed martial arts. Though calling Matt Mitrione and Wes Shivers former NFLers is putting it generously. Mitrione, a former Purdue defensive tackle, got nine games with the New York Giants in 2002. Shivers, a 7th-round draft pick by the Titans, enjoyed a three-game NFL career with Atlanta. –TheBaker, Rumors & Rants.

The unquestionable highlight of the night was watching the feature bout between Abe Wagner and John Madsen. Madsen looked like one of the dudes that wasn’t in shape (whereas Wagner looked like he actually was), but Madsen’s physique seemed to improve as their match went on, as Madsen wasn’t the guy with the busted-open forehead. Honest Abe would get stitched up and finish the two-round bout and lose a unanimous decision. Video’s after the jump if you’re one of the people that didn’t eat breakfast this morning.

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