Be Amazed At This Three-Second Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Knockout

It has been a while since I have been punched in the face, but I do remember that it hurts really hard. Despite this, people who are professional fighters in a number of different sports — boxing, mixed martial arts, etc. — are quite good at getting punched in the face and not collapsing into a puddle immediately.

Still, sometimes, punches connect a little too cleanly, and we end up getting some pretty spectacular knockouts as a result. An example of this came on Friday evening when Uly Diaz fought Donelei Benedetto at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 14. Diaz knocked out Bendetto so fast with a right hook that I should probably just stop talking and drop in the video, so here you go.

It was such an impressive knockout that UFC star Yoel Romero jumped out of his seat and did a whole bunch of NSFW screaming over Diaz giving Benedetto a two piece and a biscuit.

At three seconds, it was the fastest knockout in the promotion’s history, and Diaz was pretty stoked about what he accomplished, which is not a surprise, because this is insane.

This is not quite as explosive as Jorge Masvidal’s famous flying knee knockout of Ben Askren, but this is one heck of a way to end a fight right after the opening bell.