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Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog, being the intrepid reporter he is, asked Redskins coach Jim Zorn — pictured here with Steve Largent during their Seahawks playing days — about his coyote-skinning experience.  Because, well, why not, right?  Zorn’s quote:

“Ok, this absolutely was appalling to my bride of 29 years, but I actually found road kill. I didn’t hunt the coyote, I found road-kill coyote, put it in a bag, shoved it in my trunk. I thought, ‘A coyote pelt, this is awesome!’

“So I took it outside–I didn’t bring it in the house obviously–I took it outside, I hung it on a tree right on the waterfront, you know. Beautiful waterfront house, I hung it right on the tree, and I skinned it. Um, and it looked like, I’ll tell you what, it looked like a yard dog. So it was a little bit scary, because people were thinking I was skinning my own dog. But it was a coyote.

“So I skinned it out, I put it in a bag and I sent it to a tannery, right? And I got the hide tanned and brought back and I had this really nice coyote pelt, all right? And it was on a couch on our house for a long time, until our kids got to it and you know, they started pulling the tail and all that kind of stuff.”

This is why I want to move to Seattle and do a similar blog for Seattle.  I want to ask Mike Holmgren about the critical smelt shortage in the Pacific Northwest.

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