04.02.09 10 years ago 7 Comments

The setup of the basketball floor at Ford’s field seems a bit goofy; they’ve laid it right in the center of the arena and raised the hardwood nearly three feet off the arena floor. Well, North Carolina coach Roy Williams doesn’t like it, which is surprising, since his Tar Heels crushed Michigan State on that very same floor in December. From FanNation:

Williams spent a portion of the first half down in front of the bench, meaning “you’re sitting there looking a people’s shinbones.” […]

“Tom [Izzo] brought a chair up and sat it on the court level … and I didn’t want to do that; I like to sit down a lot. I was not comfortable, I couldn’t see the far end of the court, what I really wanted to see. Most of the time, after the second TV timeout, I stayed up on the court level.”

Jeez, why don’t you cry about it, Roy? It’s not like you’re playing the game on a freaking asteroid in outer space. Maybe you need to have Gene Hackman come up there and measure the hoops for you. Just hope that Hansbrough doesn’t hit his head on the scoreboard. That’s a very expensive scoreboard.

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