Watch This Awesome Uncle Entertain Small Children With The Help Of A Swing Set And Mini-Hoop

Being an uncle is a pretty sweet deal. You get to hang out with kids until they annoy you or run out of energy, then you just get to go home and leave their parents to deal with all the lame stuff like life lessons, discipline, and changing soiled underpants.

This guy clearly has the “cool uncle” gig down pat. Seeing a swing set and a mini basketball hoop in the backyard, he draws the obvious conclusion and goes to work. Not only does the high-flying uncle drill the awesome dunk off the swing set, he also scores major points with his niece and nephew in the process. Next time Dad raises his voice, these kids will be begging to go live at Uncle Billy’s house instead. “He never yells at us, and he does cool basketball tricks,” they’ll say.

Let’s just hope Uncle Billy can avoid getting in trouble when one of these kids attempts a similar stunt with less than similar results.

(Via Reddit)