08.12.09 9 years ago 9 Comments

The upstart United Football League, pro sports’ answer to Ponzi scheming, has released images of the uniforms for three of its four franchises. And honestly, it looks like some league executive handed his 5-year-old kid a box of crayons and said, “We need colors. Go.” They’re not atrocious. They’re too bland to be atrocious. The one positive you could say is that…well, they’re unique. It looks like everyone’s going to be using the same white, UFL helmet. Awesome. Two of the team names–the California Redwoods and the Los Vegas Locomotives–suck. Which means that they should extend the UFL brand very well. Whatever. Just let me know which one Michael Vick’s gonna wear in October…and you have to visit Dave’s new UFL blog, if only for the name

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