Uni Watch Is Ending Its Relationship With ESPN But The Blog Will Continue

12.19.18 8 months ago

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Lovers of fashion and sports — and maybe stirrups on baseball uniforms — have long found a friend in ESPN’s Uni Watch blog. Written by Paul Lukas, the site had talked about everything from uniform rumors and concept art to misprinted uniform names to whether athletes removed the button (also called a squatchee!) off the top of their fitted 5950.

If you loved uniform design, you probably read Lukas well before he became associated with ESPN, but when Page 2 brought him on the column truly grew into its own. Which is why the news that Lukas and Uni Watch is leaving ESPN is equal parts surprising and sad.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that Uni Watch will no longer be affiliated with ESPN, though the blog will continue on without the Four Letter’s backing. Lukas was interviewed in the story and said that the blog, which has been on ESPN since 2004, will continue in a different form.

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