The ‘Unofficial’ Cubs Mascot Took A Swing At A Guy In A Wrigleyville Bar

04.07.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Billy the Cub

While a lot of people might think it’s strange for a grown man to dress up as a bear so he can call himself the unofficial mascot of the Chicago Cubs, it doesn’t change the fact that Billy Cub is still out there doing his thing and trying to make a few bucks while numbing the pain of being a Cubs fan. Billy (AKA 36-year old Patrick Weier) stopped into a Wrigleyville bar over the weekend to pose for photos with Cubs fans and the usual, when a random guy decided that he was going to pick a fight with the guy in the bear suit.

According to the person who recorded the viral hit, the shithead tried tripping Billy three times and even “threw himself into the mascot” to try to get him to fight, but the straw that broke the Bartman’s back was when the guy snuck up behind Billy and yanked his head off. That’s when Billy Cub turned into Angry Bear and started whooping this guy’s ass.

Not to get all Rovellian on your asses, but what does an incident like this do to a business like Billy Cub? After all, this unofficial mascot is the brain child of John Paul Weier, who splits time in the suit with Patrick and another man, all with the unfulfilled dream of becoming the actual mascot of the Chicago Cubs.

Patrick Weier said he was visiting patrons at the bar when a man shoved him and pushed him down. Weier said he then got back up and returned to taking photos with a group. The man continued to provoke him and tried to take the small cooler where he carries his tips, and eventually grabbed the bear head off his costume, Weier said.

“He assaulted me first,” Patrick Weier said.

John Paul Weier said he’s not pleased with the video, but understands his brother’s actions.

“People have their breaking points,” he said. “Obviously this is not a good thing. You never want anything like this to happen.” (Via the Chicago Tribune)

He’s right. A man can only take so much before he snaps. However, Cubs fans are going to need to distract themselves from the pain of losing with something, so making a pastime out of beating up Billy Cub is probably going to become a very popular thing with the success of this video.

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