Update: Metta World Peace Thinks It'd Be Invasive To Call The Guy He Murder-Elbowed

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.08.12 4 Comments

Pretend I’m really great at making gifs and made one about Metta World Peace “accidentally” elbowing the Masturbating Bear.

If you couldn’t have guessed, Metta World Peace hasn’t talked to James Harden about the whole “nearly ending you with an elbow to the face” thing and doesn’t plan to … and if he does end up talking to Harden, it’ll be by accident while he’s celebrating a dunk. Or he’ll get really bored and apologize with a facetious YouTube video.

The highlight of the video is Metta saying he elbowed Harden by accident and immediately following that by saying purposefully dirty players who called him out are hypocrites, but my favorite part is probably the Jerry “The King” Lawler-ass “METTA WORLD PEACE” silver shield t-shirt he’s rocking. I hope he elbow smashes and never again talks to the person who made it for him.

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