UPDATE: The New Adidas NCAA Tournament Uniforms Are Definitely Something

Senior Writer
02.28.13 13 Comments

Yesterday, we mentioned that Adidas was teasing NCAA men’s basketball fans on Twitter with small glimpses of some special new Adizero uniforms that eight teams would be wearing in the NCAA Tournament this year. Today, as you can see above, we know exactly what those uniforms now look like, as six teams’ new duds have been revealed.

Scrolling through Twitter, people are pretty torn on these strange camouflage and sleeved revelations, and I have to say that I’m firmly entrenched in the “The f*ck? Eh, whatever” camp. Short of setting players on fire, I don’t see what the big deal is with Adidas trying something new, even if the new unis look like someone raided a child’s Zubaz rack at Marshall’s.

I guess if I had to scorn any of these uniforms, I’d choose the Kansas and UCLA gear, because I feel like both of those programs have always had classic looks. At the same time, though, I think the Baylor uniform looks awesome. So it is what it is, I guess. I just think the real shame is not making Duke players wear pink jerseys with flashy sequins and shoes filled with broken glass. Let’s get to work on making that happen, Nike.

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