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Knicks celebrating. Eerie, right?” title=”Knicks celebrating. Eerie, right?” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

HUGE night for bookies last night, as five of the seven NBA games were inexplicable upsets.  The carnage is on display here, but here's the run-down: 

  • The Spurs came into Sacramento 12-2, and left with a loss after someone named Beno Udrih dropped 27 points on them.
  • In the game of the night, the reinvigorated Warriors outran the Suns 129-114 to snap Phoenix's 8-game winning streak.
  • Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler powered the Arenas-less Wizards to give Dallas its first home loss of the season.  For fun, I like to pronounce their names "Anton" and "Karen."
  • The woeful T-Wolves got their second win of the season in New Orleans, powered by… Marko Jaric? (more on this later)
  • And here's the headline I never expected to see: "Marbury, Randolph come up big as Knicks fend off late Jazz surge".  I actually watched the end of this game.  The Knicks forced turnovers in crunch time.  It was surreal.  I thought David Lynch had directed a sports movie.

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