03.25.10 9 years ago 10 Comments

Here’s Urban Meyer having a discussion with some guy from the Orlando Sentinel. I know the guy’s name, but since everyone says that the Florida football coach verbally raped this guy, I should probably observe the time-honored custom of not disclosing his identity. The video of the “chewing out” is after the jump, but it’s kinda lame and there’s a beeping truck in the background. I’m assuming it’s a truck. Maybe it was Meyer’s heart monitor going off.

The whole spat was kicked off when Meyer took exception to a quote from a Florida player insinuating that Tim Tebow wasn’t a “real quarterback.” I don’t know what that means. Maybe that’s code for “white guy” or something. Either way, big whoop. I thought this was a non-story until everyone started running with it. I guess we’re all just waiting for Urban Meyer to have a heart attack and die now. And even then, sportswriters will call it an “abusive” and “out of line” death. I really hate those people sometimes. video via EDSBS.

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