Urban Meyer Got Blocked In After He Stole One Of His Player’s Parking Spots

It’s hard to imagine a college football program that has more fun than Ohio State. It’s already a fact that the Buckeyes do pranks better than any other program in college football, as documented here and here.

However, one thing that is apparently very serious to the inaugural College Football Playoff champions is the sanctity of a parking space. There are plenty of things that are fun surrounding the program, but parking spaces are meant to be taken very seriously, as evidenced by the time a player parked in head coach Urban Meyer’s parking spot. Meyer, understanding that it’s his spot no matter what, responded by parking his car behind said player and blocking him in, because even though he seems like a pretty funny guy most of the time, Urban Meyer doesn’t mess around.

Well, actually, Meyer does mess around, or at the very least forgot about the important lesson in parking ettiquete that he taught his players back in June. According to offensive lineman Taylor Decker’s Twitter, Meyer parked in offensive lineman Jacoby Boren’s spot today. Boren decided to go all “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” on Meyer and blocked his coach in.

There’s no word on if Boren had to run sprints for this, but he probably had to run sprints for this.

(via Bleacher Report)