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Urban Meyer met with high school coaches to speak at a clinic in Fogelsville, PA, and I’ll bet that it was much better than my last trip to the clinic, where The President caught a Q-tip right in his gullet. During the presentation, Meyer listed his five core values, including “Always show women respect.” Pfft, like I was ever gonna play for Florida, anyway:

He said that if he hears of one of his players hitting a woman, even if it’s in self-defense, the player is gone from the team. Period.

In fact, even if he sees someone not opening a door for a lady, “I’ll jump on a kid’s (bleep). That’s the way I was raised.”

Apparently there’s no core value against receiving blowjobs from Verne Lundquist every Saturday. Hey, maybe I’m cut for this Gator business after all. I mean, he’s no Rush Limbaugh, but my dad always said beggars can’t be choosers. Probably because he was always begging.

|Morning Call, via GameOn|

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