08.21.08 10 years ago

I'm not terribly offended by people burning the American flag.  Hell, put some graffiti on the Statue of Liberty if you want to.  Fart during "America the Beautiful."  Ring the Liberty Bell with your cock.  But so help me God, no one but NO ONE defaces my beloved Marine Corps Memorial.

[This is a] print ad for Portuguese station Sport TV's coverage of next month's Ryder Cup golf match between Europe and the USA in Louisville, Kentucky. The now Tiger-less Yank hackers have lost three straight to the Euros, so this ad is a nice "fuck you' on a couple of levels.

Personally, as a former Marine, when someone says "Ryder Cup," the first thing I think about is the 35-day battle that featured the fiercest fighting in all of World War II and resulted in the deaths of 6500 Marines and more Medals of Honor than any other battle in history. 

Nice work, Sport TV.  Thanks for raping the single image that most defines my branch of the armed services.  I can't wait to exact my revenge, just as soon as Portugal does something worth being proud of.

(via Deadspin

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