Urgent Breaking News: There Were Surfing Dogs In Florida

Last Friday, dog owners and people in Tommy Bahama shirts from across Central Florida and eastern coastal towns gathered in scenic Cocoa Beach for the inaugural East Coast Dog Surfing Championship. Amazingly, this is believed to be the first competition of its kind in the Sunshine State, which makes sense because surfing dogs are awesome and other states have been doing it for years. But then, it just goes along with the state’s motto: “Florida – we’re nothing if not 10 years behind.”

Better late than never, though, is what I say, and I commend these daredevil doggies for riding the waves for a good cause.

The two day event kicked off with the qualifying rounds and several canine contestants took to the waves for a doggone good time at the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Proceeds from the dog surfing event go to the Central Brevard Humane Society, which had shelter dogs there available for adoption.

… “Booker D. Surfdog’ will compete against “Pippin Yachtdog,” “Onyx Shorepound,” “Queen Abby,” “Moses Rock of Ages,” and “Koa and Boaz.” (Via 13 News)

Is there a contest for the Greatest Surfing Dog Name? How about Greatest Dog Name Ever? Because I’m pretty sure Onyx Shorepound is the coolest dog name I’ve ever heard.

However, I do have one complaint. I get a lot of mail each day and I read every piece, junk or not. But I do not recall receiving my invitation to attend and possibly judge this surfing dog competition. If the people at the Central Brevard Humane Society are reading this – and I know they are – I fully expect to receive such an invite for next year’s East Coast Dog Surfing Championship. I’ll even bring a camera so the only pictures in existence are these crappy screen grabs that I took from a crappy :45 video.