US Friendly Gets Bromantic

05.26.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

You could feel the bromance in East, Hartford Connecticut last night, as the US soccer team got really chummy in a friendly match with the Czechs. The Americans lost 4-2, but were able to score some kettle corn at the post game sleep over where they gave each other makeovers, played truth or dare, and watched scary movies. Starters were given the game off as both teams try to cut their roster sizes down to 23 for the start of the World Cup.

All told, eight U.S. starters — including Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra, Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey — had the night off. And while the result always matters to a coach like Bradley, he admitted that the score was less of a focus this evening.

“Tonight was about looking at guys,” Bradley said. “We felt going into this game that we still needed to look at some different possibilities and options. Clearly, the [players] that we used tonight were geared towards looking closely at people and using that information along with everything else.” –ESPN Soccernet

One of those guys was starting defender and very large man Oguchi Onyewu. Onyewu has been rehabbing a torn patella tendon since the US finished qualifying in October, and got beat on a header by Tomas Sivok in the 44th minute. Oguchi (Japanese Gucci Mane?) will have two more chances to redeem himself before the World Cup starts on June 11th. The Americans will take on the Turks in Philly on the 29th, and the Aussies in South Africa on June 5th. To get people to show up, Lincoln Financial staff is referring to the sport as ‘football’ only; banking on the fact that Philly fans will get wasted enough to show up looking for Kevin Kolb. Soccer related video after the jump.

The posted video is a collection of Diedier Drogba goals. It’s nearly 11 minutes long, an incredible feat in and of itself, but I suggest watching it with the sound off. The European techno song sounds like a cat in heat DJ Paulie D track.

More Bethany (thx, Joe).

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