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06.18.10 8 years ago 60 Comments

How 'bout the power of flight? That do anything for ya?

WOOOOOOOO! Welcome to your official USA versus Slovenia thread! The best place to wear the Stars and Stripes and talk trash about Slovenia. Hey Slovenia! You, uh… you… *searches globe for Slovenia* uhhhmmm… *looks up Slovenia on Wikipedia* you only have a population of 2.06 million! Ooohhh, that’s a burn.

Despite their tiny population and rustic vacation-country charm, Slovenia are the Group C leaders, having dispatched Algeria last Saturday. So a win here would put the United States in excellent position to advance to the second round. And it should be some of the best soccer of the tournament, right?

The probability is that the center will be crowded on Friday, with all eight midfielders and possibly Dedic battling in the same space. It’s likely to be attritional and unpleasant, a battle of will as much as ability. There won’t be any sweeping 20-pass flurries or brilliant slaloming dribbles; aesthetes should probably turn away. Art, though, comes in many guises, and just because it isn’t beautiful doesn’t mean it isn’t soccer.

Um, not exactly the ringing endorsement I was looking for, Jonathan Wilson (that’s from a preview detailing how Slovenia’s style is similar to the US’s, by the way). That’s not how you psych up fans for a big match. Here, let me try: Hey, the Vietnam War wasn’t pretty, but we still won that. Shut up!  I SAID WE WON DAMMIT!

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