01.12.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

A couple of people have sent me this clip from a Japanese TV show, either because (a) they know that anything that parodies Usain Bolt has a better-than-average chance of being linked up, or (b) they’re aware of my unwavering, disgusting fascination with blackface. And honestly, the entire movie industry was founded on blackface. Yes, it’s reprehensible in this day and age for someone in America to do it, but I don’t remember Japan kidnapping and then enslaving boatloads of Africans to build their agricultural output that would serve as the foundation for their economy for generations to come and help nurture the industrialization that would make them the world’s last true hegemon. Americans should never do blackface again, but only because it’s so damn cheap to let other nations do it for us. –Sporting Blog, Last Angry Fan.

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