Not Even Owen Wilson And The Entire ‘Late Late Show’ Staff Can Beat Usain Bolt In A Race

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09.28.16 3 Comments

Usain Bolt has earned his title as “fastest man alive” with some incredible Olympics performances and a secret life of super heroics — allegedly. He’s got plenty of Olympic gold to hold the title for a time to come, but he has another challenger to humiliate and destroy before he can ride off into the sunset and enjoy those sweet documentary dollars.

James Corden, Owen Wilson, and the entire staff of The Late Late Show took over the CBS parking lot — typically used for the daytime Price Is Right employees — and challenged Usain Bolt to a race. The result is one of the funnier bits from The Late Late Show, featuring a rogues gallery of staffers eating Usain Bolt’s dust and one producer instantly eating the pavement. Owen Wilson attempts to cheat and get a head start, but he also falls to the mighty Bolt’s speed.

And if you think the fastest man is going to take it easy on Corden, he does not. He rubs it in and keeps it pretty honest about the quality of the host’s run. You have to give them all credit, they ran with the best and gave it their all — except for the guitarist who was smoking before the race and the music supervisor who was only there for the free pizza. That’s me in that situation, so not a lot of room to talk. More about the free part than the pizza part.

(Via The Late Late Show)

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