Usain Bolt Hates These Flowers

Pro Wrestling Editor

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has two great talents: being the fastest person in the world and steamrolling blondes.

By way of Fourth-Place Medal comes this clip of Bolt hitting 9.79 in the 100 meters at the international Diamond League meet, running into a flower girl who’d wandered onto the track and dragging her along with him as he tries to stop running. When asked what they thought of the clip, Yahoo! users said “FIRE CHRIS CHASE” and “HOW IS THIS NEWS”, adding “fire chris chase bleargh”.

Oddly enough, the video reminded me of this:

Two things we’ve learned:

1. Usain Bolt runs so fast he needs an aircraft carrier’s length to slow down.

2. The first thing you should teach your Diamond League flowergirls is “don’t stand in front of the running guys”.

3. Chris Chase is the worst person in America.

[h/t Chris Chase]

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