12.02.08 9 years ago 10 Comments

USC coach Pete Carroll wants his team to wear their red home jerseys at UCLA this Saturday, even though it will cost his team two timeouts during the game.

Carroll said on Monday that the Trojans would wear their cardinal red home jerseys on Saturday at the Rose Bowl. That violates an NCAA rule that requires visiting teams to wear white, and the infraction will cost him two timeouts, one per half…

“I just thought it was a really cool tradition,” Carroll said.   As for losing timeouts?  “I don’t care about it right now,” Carroll said. “I think it’s the fun thing to do, and I think the fans will appreciate it over time.”

The “tradition” of both teams wearing their home jerseys was last carried out 26 years ago, and USC has to win the rivalry game in order to secure their spot in the Rose Bowl.  So no pressure, boys.  Just focus on tradition and fun, and relax knowing that you’re not wearing white after Labor Day.  That has to be a relief.  Those away jerseys totally made you look fat.

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