A Notre Dame Defensive Lineman Kicked And Stomped Two Different Injured USC Players

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Look, it can get frustrating when your team is having a tough season. Notre Dame finished the year 4-8, and the Irish’s eighth loss was at the hands of rival USC in a game that was never even all that close. It’s only natural to want to lash out, get upset, or get one little last big hit in to release some frustration. Usually that’s reserved for a locker, a helmet, a football, or another inanimate object.

Notre Dame defensive lineman Jerry Tillery went a completely different route in the 45-27 loss.

The 6’6 sophomore acted in the worst way possible as the member of a 4-8 football team against the Trojans. Yeah, it’s a rivalry game, but there’s never any excuse for stomping around like a child, especially when you’re 6’6 and could very easily end up hurting an already injured player.

Following the game, Notre Dame players weren’t exactly coming to bat for Tillery and his actions. Here’s nose guard Jarron Jones:

“He just needs to be more disciplined,” Jones said. “You can’t do stupid things like that, and that’s going to reflect on you as a player, it’s going to reflect on your character. You don’t want to do anything like that. He has to be more disciplined. Understand, the heat of the moment, we were down big and emotions can flare, especially against our rival. But he just has to be smarter than that. He has to grow up quickly.”

Brian Kelly, coach of the 4-8 Fighting Irish took the old he’s “a good kid,” but he’ll be held accountable approach.

The important thing to remember is through all of this Notre Dame is 4-8. Hopefully the two dudes who got stomped by Tillery are okay and get the chance to rest and get better while thinking about the fact that Notre Dame is 4-8.

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