This Nasty Stiff Arm Was Possibly The Best Part Of USC’s Upset Victory Over Utah

USC’s up and down college football season was back up on Saturday night when the Trojans beat the No. 3 team in the country, Utah, in Los Angeles. The high scoring affair was full of highlights but none were even close to what Trojans sophomore receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster did to a helpless defensive back in the third quarter.

After catching a crossing route, Smith-Schuster turned up field, eyed a few defenders and then seemingly waved one towards him. That unfortunate soul? Utah junior defensive back Dominique Hatfield, a Los Angeles native who had apparently been trash talking the entire game and paid dearly for it.

Once Smith-Schuster got close enough, he simply tossed Hatfield off the field and went on his way for a couple more yards. The 6’2 215-pound receiver had an obvious size advantage over his 5’10 170-pound adversary, but that doesn’t make this stiff-arm into oblivion any less amazing.

As for whether or not Smith-Schuster was waving Hatfield over so he could shove him into the ether, well the play may not have been that ridiculous. A couple of other views make it sort of clear that he was trying to direct a blocker downfield.

Smith-Schuster caught a touchdown pass later, giving USC their last score of the game. Not a bad night for a guy who isn’t even NFL-eligible until 2017.

(Via USC and Matt Allaire)