USF Fan Needs No Concessions Stand

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11.22.10 4 Comments

This weekend’s college football action was pretty uninspiring, but mainly because I barely watched any games, since I was in a drunken stupor on Bourbon Street for roughly 50 or so hours. But in between 3-for-1 beers and drinking shots out of the mouths of chubby waitresses, I remembered watching the USF-Pittsburgh game and wondering aloud, “Did that USF fan just pick his nose and eat it?” Because, you know, I’m fascinated by this sort of intellectual conversation.
But you bet your ass my eyes weren’t lying, and thanks to my good buddy Vic we have some footage of our latest booger-eating culprit. While the Bulls lost to Pitt 17-10, this lucky fan will live on infamy with some of the greatest booger eaters in sports history. So join us, won’t you, for this journey through the With Leather Booger Eater Hall of Fame (and feel free to remind me of any glaring omissions)…

While the 17-10 win by Pitt was lackluster at best, we’ve at least gained this highlight and newest entry into our booger eating records. The Big East is alive and well.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems like a man that would have acres dedicated to raising cattle specifically for the greatest steaks known to man. And he would devote his own section of the Gulf of Mexico to raising gigantic lobsters that he could stuff inside of those cows while eating his meals off the flat stomachs of Cowboys cheerleaders. But in the end, he’s just a regular guy who picks his nose, and while this video doesn’t show him eating it, I am assuming that he did because he just seems like he would. Although there’s a good chance he just flicked it at Wade Phillips.

It must be something in the Texas water, because this Texas A&M fan was busted on the jumbotron during an Aggies game a few years back, and even his fellow fans try to help him out by pointing out that the whole stadium is watching him dine on his finger pudding. Then he fired his pistols into the air and screamed, “YEEHAW! TEXAS GREEN! NOSTRIL CRUDE!”

German soccer coach Joachim Löw is considered a soccer legend and sex symbol in his country, but here at With Leather, he’s considered a booger eater. During the 2010 World Cup, Löw made his claim to fame by picking his nose and eating Das Boogers not once, but twice. To his credit, this is probably the least offensive thing that happened involving Germany this year.

George Walker Bush has been President of the United States, he’s been the governor of Texas, and he’s been a partial owner and managing partner of the Texas Rangers. But above all else, he’s a booger eater. In his younger, sly fox years, Bush was sitting front row for a game when he opted to forgo the standard baseball fare of a hot dog or peanuts and just dig for some Dudley Dawson.

Pepperdine men’s basketball coach Tom Asbury (Ed. – Hehehehehehe!) spent the better part of the past decade as an assistant at Alabama before taking over the Waves in 2008. And while he has devoted his efforts to rebuilding the Pepperdine program, he’s already built a reputation for being a booger eater. It takes some serious booger-eating cajones to upstage the head coach, but a man’s got to look out for No. 1 in this business.

Just because. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going outside to wait for my Pulitzer.

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