01.05.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

Before we get into discussing the NFL playoffs, it’s kind of worth noting what happened on Friday night: a college football team completed a perfect 13-0 season by dominating a highly regarded SEC team that had been undefeated until the SEC championship.  Not too many people gave Utah an outside shot of knocking off Alabama, but the Utes controlled every facet of the Sugar Bowl in a 31-17 win.

In fact, Every Day Should Be Saturday has generously awarded Utah one-quarter of the national title:

Utah beat 5 ranked teams and embarrassed the SEC West champion. They did not lose a game this season. They had a defense that dealt out harm to all they faced and boasted one of the more accurate quarterbacks in the nation. They beat people with spread-option tactics executed with wishbone brutality. If you want more from a team, you’re either unreasonable, a total flaming asshole, or both.

So can we shove something up the BCS’s ass and get a college playoff yet, or what?

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