Utah’s Punter Hit A SkyCam Wire With A Punt, Then Used The Re-Kick To Scramble For A 33-Yard Gain

Oregon is currently getting their butts handed to them against Utah on Saturday night, and it seems like no breaks are going in their direction – even when their defense manages to stop Utah’s offense and force a punt.

On a fourth down in the second half, Utah punter Tom Hackett struck one of the wires used to hold the broadcast’s SkyCam above the field, causing the ball to come tumbling to the turf below. Refs ruled that the play was interfered with and that Utah could re-do the punt attempt, which seems fair.

However, on the ensuing do-over, a high snap from Utah forced Hackett to impressively reel in the ball with one hand and peel out of the backfield as he scrambled for yards. He ended up getting quite a lot of them, actually, collecting around 33 in total.

For those keeping track at home, that was more than enough for a first down.

It was quite the unfortunate break for Oregon, but it was a pretty good summary of how the game has gone for them as a whole.