‘Vagina Weightlifting’ Is A Thing Because Why Wouldn’t It Be?

“Life coach” Kim Anami refers to herself as many things on her website, among them, provocateur, innovator, illuminator, catalyst, quantum leap life coach, sexual muse, liberation master, and pleasure savant. It’s very safe to say that she thinks very highly of the special services that she can offer her fellow women in harnessing their own “sexual energy” and “spiritual curiosity.” But she has spent many years traveling the world, examining cultures and discovering new ways for women to cultivate the “power of sex” and that’s why her latest lesson to teach is the importance of “vagina weightlifting.”

In her most recent video on her sadly-underutilized YouTube page, Anami explains that simple exercises like kegels are a myth, and because the vagina is a muscle like any other, it needs weights to be properly exercised. But don’t fret, labial bodybuilding noobs, she has 10 good reasons for women to get to flexin’.

In case you’re doubting Anami’s validity as a “life coach” and sexual warlock, here’s an excerpt from her bio to help change your mind.

I’ve always been highly attuned to my own sexual energy + spiritual curiosity. From a young age, I had already experienced the power of sex to awaken, transform + accelerate my journey of self-actualization. By 22, I was practicing Tantra, studying Taoist philosophy, and gypsetting from Method acting classes + underground raves in London to surf spots in Byron Bay. Soon after, I headed for acacia groves + coral reefs in Bali, with a two-year old son in tow.

I spent nearly a decade living off-grid, from pirate boats off the coast of Vancouver to the wet, sultry jungles of Indonesia. It was there—caressed by the warm air, like an omnipresent lover—that I shed my pseudo-self, and came into my life purpose. I gave myself a new name: ANAMI. Sanskrit for “the unnameable one, the highest plane of God.” In endlessless, I found my identity. It also symbolizes to me the idea that there is always another level to go: “enlightenment” is a constant work-in-progress. We all are.

I stepped back into western civilization: a woman on a mission.

That mission? Blowing up your lady’s O. Brush up on vagina weightlifting as quickly as you can, though, because the next course, “Vaginal Kung Fu,” starts soon.