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Vancouver's quadriplegic mayor, Sam Sullivan, faces a tough road before the city hosts the Winter Olympics in 2010.  Aside from the usual construction and beautifying projects, Vancouver also has one of the worst slums in the world for an affluent city.  In the Downtown Eastside neighborhood, approximately 5000 drug addicts live in a 16-block area.  And Vancouver's new police chief has an idea for cleaning up the problem: deport them.

Chief Const. Jim Chu said the Vancouver police department is considering what he called a "home-for-the-holidays" program that partly uses donated travel miles from local businesses as a way to slash the escalating property-crime rate.

Yep, that's right: Chu wants to buy homeless junkies a one-way ticket out of town.  All in all, it's a pretty fair proposal, at least compared to the Beijing Olympics.  When asked to comment on the proposal, a homeless Chinese man said, "Help, I'm buried in a shallow mass grave!"

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