Vanderbilt’s Long Snapper Scored A Touchdown After He Fell On A Muffed Punt

Long snappers have one of the trickiest jobs in all of college football. Yes, they have to do one primary thing — get the football to either the holder or the punter — but if they mess that up, it will almost always lead to disaster. They have jobs after the ball gets snapped, but if they mess up that first thing, none of it matters and they end up making a potentially game-changing mistake.

On Saturday, we got the rare moment where something extremely good happened involving a long snapper. Vanderbilt is in The Swamp to take on the Florida Gators, and on a fourth-and-3 from their side of the field with fewer than four minutes remaining in the first half, the Commodores decided to send out the punt team. Everything went off without a hitch, as Matt Hayball booted the ball down the field.

Florida return man Jason Marshall Jr. took a poor angle to try and fair catch the ball on his own 8-yard line, which is a curious decision in and of itself. But he ended up muffing it and the ball rolled gently into the end zone, which led to a scrum. By the time things were sorted out, Vanderbilt long snapper Wesley Schelling had the ball in his hands for six.

This gave the ‘Dores a 14-6 lead they took into the locker room for halftime.