SportsCenter Is Just Trolling Us Now

06.13.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

As much as I’d love to fire hipsters on a rocket into the sun, I have to admit that when it comes to anything ESPN-related I am quite the scarf-flipper. In fact, if it weren’t for Twitter, I’d never know what was happening on the Worldwide Leader unless I was watching the network before a game*. Regardless, ESPN apparently had rapper and house-flipper Vanilla Ice on SportsCenter this morning, and I know why, but… WHY GOD WHY???

That made me giggle.

Robert Matthew Van Winkle was obviously on SportsCenter to promote Adam Sandler’s new film, That’s My Boy, in which Van Winkle plays himself, and I’ve already said enough about this certain cinematic disasterpiece. But I hope that he also talked about the Miami Heat, because it would be great to hear sports analysis from a true native of Miami who spent most of his life growing up in Texas.


*Hey ESPN, screw you for thinking that we want to watch Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith “debate” before the NBA Finals. I’d rather – and I did – watch Jimmy Kimmel interview David Spade.

(H/T to Cajun Boy for that banner image.)

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