Superstar Gambler ‘Vegas Dave’ Is Making A Historic Bet On Miesha Tate At UFC 200

Over the last year, Dave Oancea, a.k.a. “Vegas Dave” has made nearly a half million dollars on women’s MMA fights. Actually, he’s made nearly a half million on two WMMA fights alone. He bet $20K on Holly Holm over Ronda Rousey at 11-1 odds, then followed up that huge win by putting down $70K on Miesha Tate over Holly Holm. Now, he wants to make MMA gambling history with a million dollar ticket, betting a cool mil on Miesha Tate to beat Amanda Nunes at UFC 200.

“Most people that bet big money they do it underground or over shores to avoid taxes and eyes watching them. Me, I’m a pretty open book. I found someone overseas to make the bet and it’s already in place… It would be the highest sports bet on paper ever seen. No one’s ever seen a million dollar wager on paper… It would also be the biggest paid sports bet in UFC history.”

If he wins, the bet will pay out $400,000 to Dave, who’s probably extremely confident about this fight. Miesha Tate seems to be peaking and is a big favorite against Nunes at -250 to +195. Of course, it’s MMA and anything can happen, but unless Miesha’s fighting against Ronda Rousey or a prime Cat Zingano, the smart money is on her.

The guy even bet five grand on the Bisping upset to pay out a *measly* $37,500.