Notorious MMA Gambler Vegas Dave Lost $1 Million On The Miesha Tate UFC 200 Fight

In a short period of time, Dave Oancea, better known as “Vegas Dave”, has gone from an unknown to an MMA betting legend. He made a load of cash when Holly Holm defeated Ronda Rousey, and when Miesha Tate choked Holm unconscious at UFC 196, he cashed in a $77K bet for nearly $200K in winnings. Vegas Dave has won millions gambling across sports, with some truly incredible calls that would make any sports fan proud, but he’s currently swallowing a bitter, million dollar loss. His historic bet on Miesha Tate has backfired.

So… Yeah…

We now know that Amanda Nunes destroyed Tate by busting her up with accurate strikes before forcing her to tap to the rear-naked choke, so because of those bloody few minutes, Dave lost a million dollars.

Maybe it was his haters:

“I mean, unbelievable how miserable some people are out there… they’re praying for me that I lose tonight.”

At least he’s handling it well.

For Dave, the only way to react after losing a million bucks in a matter of seconds is a quiet, zen-like calm. A calm perhaps, before the storm of total grief.

It’s a cold night in Nevada for Vegas Dave.