Venus Williams Has Game, No Shame

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05.24.10 18 Comments

The women’s tennis world is abuzz after Venus Williams laid a hurting on Patty Schnyder in the first round of women’s action at the French Open. Venus won convincingly in back-to-back sets, topping Schnyder 6-3 in both contests. Yep, people are super excited over Williams’ tennis skills… *receives paper from Punte’s messenger hawk* Oh neat, it’s a phot-OH DEAR GOD!!!

Tennis be damned, said Williams, who arrived at Roland Garros yesterday apparently running late from a bachelorette party. Her lacey, frilly, far-too-revealing outfit is surprisingly not an indication of a new endorsement deal with Trashy Lingerie, but a testament to her new “motif” for this year, as she told reporters. That motif, Michael? It’s illusion.

Make me blind with acid, Busted Racquet:

Despite looking more like she was auditioning for a spot at a 19th century cabaret than playing in the year’s second Grand Slam event, Venus won with ease, 6-3, 6-3. She wore a similar can-can style outfit earlier this year in Miami.

Venus said the look was all about “illusion,” but didn’t state whether she’d wear it again during the tournament. Typically, she says, she comes to a match with eight to 10 outfits.

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The illusion she’s referring to is possibly the pair of flesh tone shorts she wore beneath her skirt, making it appear like she was airing out the curtains. The outfit in question isn’t anything new, as Venus has a history of wearing risqué outfits to her matches. Surprisingly, I hear when she makes love she wears a suit of armor and a Sherpa coat.

Venus caused a similar stir in January when she wore a skimpy green skirt and flesh tone underwear while playing in the Australian Open, prompting the Huffington Post to dub her the “ultimate Australian Open hottie.” When reached for comment, my balls added: “Yeah, we can’t believe he invoked the Huffington Post either.”

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