02.19.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

There’s gonna be a lot of disagreement about this one, but daaaaamn Victoria Beckham looked good at the opening of the new Armani store in New York.  A lot of people say that she’s too skinny or looks like a Fembot, and they mean it like those are bad things.  No way.  I dig the sassy short dress and the super-high heels and the fact that her hair and makeup probably took hours.  She gives off an air that she’s way too good for me… and that only makes me want here more.

More pictures of her below, and for you ladies out there I added some of her husband shirtless after a recent AC Milan game.  Hubba hubba or whatever.

And just so we get some sports discussion: it’s looking more and more like David Beckham will never return to MLS, something that doesn’t really matter to American soccer fans (both of us).  But it’s a good opportunity for the media to crow about Beckham’s failed American experiment.  “GRAWRRRR! He failed to meet the overblown expectations that we created by overhyping him!  Now we hate him!”  Well played, sports media.  Well played.

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