This Week In Celebrity Sports Analysis: Verne Troyer Called Out The Michigan Wolverines

10.22.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

It’s strange, as I was settling in to watch college football this weekend, I found myself wondering: “Hey, you know who are two people that we haven’t heard from in a while? Brian McFayden and Verne Troyer.” The former, of course, rose to mild prominence as a VJ on MTV’s Total Request Live in the early 2000s, before the music network completely phased out music, and then as the host of the CW’s Beauty and the Geek. The latter is obviously best known as Mini Me from the Austin Powers franchise and eventually the housemate that got hammered and peed everywhere on VH1’s The Surreal Life before releasing the world’s second most unwanted sex tape, with all due respect to Dustin Diamond.

So what the hell are these two former Y-list celebrities up to these days? Well, wouldn’t you know it, they’re talking Michigan Wolverines football over on the online digital show Campus Insiders, which I believe is that show that always aired in my campus cafeteria. As it turns out, Troyer is a Michigan Wolverines fan, and it was almost impossible to write that without using an adjective like big or huge because of the groaning that would quickly follow.

Of course, that didn’t stop McFayden.

Michigan's Celebrity Super Fan: Verne Troyer by CampusInsiders

Unintentional size puns aside, I’m actually really impressed by Troyer’s insight. That’s not to say that I expected anything less because he’s not smart, but again my last memory of the dude is him standing in a corner pissing while Da Brat freaked out. Then again, I knew plenty of guys in college who pissed in strange places and now they’re college football analysts, so the moral is don’t judge a corner pisser by its cover.

As for Michigan’s actual game, the Wolverines barely pulled off a 12-10 win over Michigan State, so maybe the team should listen to Troyer a little more. If anything, he should be on ESPN Gameday instead of Ryan Lochte, who picked Auburn to win the LSU-Texas A&M game.

(In fairness to Lochte, he was awesome on 30 Rock last week. Viva Sex Idiot!)

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