Veteran Tased? That's Shocking

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College students are known for making bad decisions. As a college student, I can’t count the number of times I’ve woken up in the morning and immediately remembered three or four instances I wish had never happened. Thankfully, I’ve never had an experience like 25 year old University of Iowa senior, Chris Knotts. Knotts was charged with assault on a peace officer, interference with official acts, public intoxication and trespassing on September 11th during the Iowa-Iowa State football game. And while not many things are worse than waking up with a hangover and a court summons; waking up with a hangover, court summons, and taser scars is probably one of them.

Christopher T. Knotts, a 25-year-old UI senior from Solon, was charged with assault on a peace officer, interference with official acts, public intoxication and trespass based on allegations he shoved a police officer and refused to leave Kinnick Stadium after disrupting other fans at the Sept. 11 game.

North Liberty Police Officer Mitch Seymour stunned Knotts with his Taser, using a “drive stun” method that does not use projectile darts and is considered less painful.

Knotts was watching the game with friends in the student section when a police officer approached at the end of the first quarter and asked them to leave, he said. “I asked him why we were being kicked out. ‘What did we do?’ He said the people behind us complained. We went back and forth for a few minutes,” Knotts said.

Seymour came up behind Knotts and touched his back with the Taser. Knotts fell forward onto the bleachers, where he tried to comply with an order to put his hands behind his back, he said. Seymour stunned Knotts a second time in the back, Knotts said. “I had some bruising on those muscles, but you couldn’t see it because I have a full back piece,” Knotts said, referring to large military-themed tattoos on his back. –KCRG

That’s probably not the best way police could have handled the situation, but he must have done something to deserve that treatment, right? The fuzz usually don’t shock drunks all that often, only if they’re being complete jackasses.

Criminal complaints state Knotts was causing problems with the fans in his section. Police told him several times to leave Kinnick or be arrested. When Knotts refused to leave, an officer grabbed his arm, police reported. Knotts shoved the officer in the chest with both hands, knocking him backward, the complaint states. Police reported that Knotts refused to put his hands behind his back and Seymour had to stun him to “gain compliance.” Knotts “smelled heavily of alcohol and had slurred speech,” police reported, but refused to take a blood-alcohol test.

Knotts pleaded guilty in 2008 to drunken driving and driving with a revoked license. –KCRG

Apparently Knotts knocked back one to many Natty Lights, again. Although some fans argued that the moonlighting officers had knocked too many back themselves, saying they mistook Knotts for a different group of rowdy fans. Rowdy groups of drunken college kids must be plentiful at Iowa. What else are they supposed to do? Get drunk in a corn field?

Anyway, Knotts appears to be alright, which is good. What isn’t good is Knotts’ representation of our armed forces. As a military brat and someone who values the sacrifice of those who’ve worn the cloth, it’s hard for me to see one of our soldiers act like this. It seems like everyday we’re slammed by ‘support the troops’ rhetoric, but how do we support the troops when they act like obnoxious pricks? Do they get a free pass in the court of public opinion? Do they deserve one? Obviously, it’s something to be studied on a case-by-case basis, but I certainly don’t feel very sorry for Chris Knotts. Hitting an officer is stupid, but that back ‘piece’ he was bragging about is probably stupider.

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