VH1’s ‘Hit The Floor’ Looks Pretty Interesting

As much as I watch and overanalyze television, I had no clue that VH1 still produced original series, let alone scripted dramas and not hokey reality series about musicians you’ve never heard of (although Bands Reunited was one of the greatest TV shows of any kind in the history of the medium, but that’s another discussion for another UPROXX site). So imagine my surprise when I learned that VH1 has a show entitled, Hit the Floor, which is about a girl named Ahsha (which I pray is pronounced Asia) who joins a fictional NBA dance team, the Los Angeles Devil Girls, only to discover that it’s fast-paced lifestyle that she never imagined.

Basically, it’s like a PG version of Showgirls with former L.A. Laker Rick Fox filling in for Kyle McLachlan and none of the pool scene.

Now, my natural instinct was to make fun of this show’s idea, as I’ve known several NBA dancers in my many travels through this great nation, and they’re about as “treacherous and tempting” as a Muppet movie. But then VH1 posted these GIFs as a preview for last Friday’s episode and all of my cynicism was washed away in the hot tub drain.

Oh, and ladies? Meet head coach “Pete Davenport”.