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Aspiring to return to the NFL, Michael Vick met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday, and the big news coming from out of that sitdown was that Vick’s suspension, imposed before the start of the 2007 season, might be lifted after the first four weeks of the upcoming NFL season. However, that report was refuted by NFL sources late yesterday.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello indicated that reports of any reinstatement and subsequent suspension are premature.

“The commissioner has not made a decision,” Aiello wrote in an email on Thursday. “These reports are pure guesswork. As far as the reported meeting, we have been consistent in not commenting on the review process while it is taking place. … This is a serious matter. We are engaging in a careful and thoughtful process and no decisions have been made.” via.

Under the originally-reported plan for reinstatement, Vick would be permitted to sign with an NFL team before sitting out the first quartile of the season. And I’m not sure what a big deal that would be anyway, since Vick would probably need at least that much time to prepare himself to play. But Goodell seems hellbent on imposing his will on Vick, and I guess that’s okay, provided he doesn’t dunk him in a large tank of water or electrocute him. That would seem somewhat hypocritical. Somewhat.

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