09.25.08 10 years ago 8 Comments

Before heading to Leavenworth, Michael Vick left several personal items in a storage locker that he didn’t keep up with the payments.  And so the contents of the locker went up for auction.  Ooh!  Is there a bong in there?

Since only five people showed up to the sale, a dude named Edward Howard says he was able to obtain the treasure trove of obscurities for a whopping ten bucks.

Now, Howard says he’s already made a few hundred bucks selling off some of Vick’s bedroom furniture and clothes on a street corner just a few days ago.

What Howard won’t sell are pictures of Vick with his first-born son Mitez, a signed football Mike gave the kid, and other baby memorabilia. [That’s the most valuable stuff! -Ed.] Howard says he’d like to meet Vick some day to hand over the stuff personally.

This Howard guy DOES realize Vick’s in prison, yes?  He’s all, “Yeah, it would be cool if Michael Vick could drop by to get his stuff.”  And Michael Vick is like, “Yeah man, that would be cool.  Dick.”

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